Database Functions

The RAALTRANS database offers the perfect solution for transport and forwarding companies, manufacturing plants and companies providing different service. There are two basic functions in the database. The first function is the input your own offer for the transport of cargo or a free vehicle (truck, van, …). The second function is the search in the offers of other users. In addition, there are many other useful tools in our system.


Input of the offers

Here you can input transport offers or vehicles into the database and offer them to other users. Just fill in the information about the place of loading, unloading, dimensions of the cargo and other additional details. Your offer will be visible to other users who can respond to the offer. Through the input function, it is possible to offer own vehicles.


Expired offers are automatically highlighted in red. For these offers, it is possible to update the date to make them visible for other users again or delete them. If the user deletes them, they will be moved to the "Input Archive". This section can be viewed via the start screen or via the navigation panel. The user can make offers active again from the archive.



View offers

Here users can browse transport offers or free vehicles from other users. You can find, for example, the place of loading, unloading, size of the cargo, date and other details about the entered offer, including contacts for the company. The user can easily establish contact with and agree on the next steps.


2. If you often filter offers with similar data, you can save the filter permanently. You can freely switch between all the filters you have saved. The new cargos/vehicles are subsequently loaded using the auto-loading function or the "NEW DATA" button. Additional functions are also used to search for offers - "Passages" and "Additional Loads". All search functions draw offers from the same database, only the search methods differ.




This function allows users to sort transport offers or free vehicles by mileage (distance from the search location) or view offers within a certain radius from the loading and unloading point. This makes it easier to find the optimal cargo or vehicle across regional and national borders. After entering the place of loading/unloading and its maximum surrounding area, the program will show offers sorted by the distance from the shortest to the longest.



Additional cargos (loads)

The databank also enables you to search for suitable smaller cargos for your main transport. All available transport offers are thus sorted in terms of the convenience of use for additional loading. Without a complicated search, in a few seconds on the first page of the list of offers, you will see the most suitable possible top-ups and the data needed to decide whether the additional cargo is worth taking.
Example: I have searched for a cargo for a semi-trailer from Barcelona to Olomouc, I have a free capacity of 6 load meters and 8 tons left in the vehicle. As a suitable additional loading with a minimum detour (18 km) I can use, for example, tracked cargo directly from Barcelona to Mohelnice

Licence types

Version description
CZSK CZSK The "CZECHOSLOVAKIA" version includes Czech Republic and Slovakia including offers within both states.
Global The version "GLOBAL" allows the entry and viewing of all offers, domestic CZ and international.

How to register

If you are interested in becoming a user of the RAALTRANS database, you must have sign a contract with RAALTRANS a.s. The RAALTRANS database can be used on all operating systems equipped with a web browser.

  1. Complete the online order.
  2. After accepting the order, access to the database will be provided. Here you can use the instructions to log in to the database.
  3. For the access to the RAALTRANS database, you will be charged 20 or 32 € per month (according to the version you choose).

If you are not sure about the choice of version or you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.